Mind-reading assistant wanted.

I think I need an assistant to write down the million things that are going through my brain.  Any takers? Required skills:  mind-reading.


Photo courtesy of Wade M at Flickr

Seriously, while my craft room is practically finished, my mind is charging ahead into all the things I need to do.

  • My creative mind is thinking about new paper flower designs, DIY tutorials and working on my next order.
  • My practical mind is thinking about legal stuff, editorial calendars and social media accounts.
  • My 40-year-old mind is thinking “I’m tired.”

I have a WordPress challenge coming up to help me get the blog off the ground. I’m reading a WordPress guide on my Kindle, paper copies of “The Martha Rules” and “Craft, Inc.” in my backpack. I’m also toting around every notebook I have ever scribbled a thought in, apparently–and adding more daily. I have clippings of events I want to be part of next year, to-do items written on random scraps of paper, and project ideas for about three different mediums scattered on my dining room table.

To an outsider, I’ll bet it looks like a bit of a mess.

Running a business requires a lot of you, in every possible sense–and I’m sure I don’t know a fraction of it yet. And while it sounds a wee bit overwhelming, I am loving every minute of it!


All moved in and ready to make stuff!

I try to keep my promises, so here we go–FINALLY! I’ll just say that cleaning out a large closet/tiny space is harder than it looks, and takes three times longer than you planned! But, I am thrilled with the results! (My husband was very happy to help me, until he realized that his beloved baseball card collection had been evicted and must find a new home. Now he isn’t quite so happy. Sorry hon!)

So without further adieu, let me take you on a tiny tour of my tiny space.

For starters, I said, “These bookcases need some HELP!” So they got a fresh coat of white paint on the outside, and some nice bright colors on the inside backs. I almost used paper or fabric, but went with paint in the end from the Lowe’s Color Studio 2014 Spring palette.  (I used Rushing Stream, Berry Twist and Tomato Bisque).  I can always use fabric or paper later if I want a change.

The rest of the photos speak for themselves (click them for a bigger view).  I have been a multi-craft maker for many years, and I have 12 storage cubes of tools to prove it! But I am ready for just about any project you can throw at me–so bring it on!

I will explain the last two photos. The printable you see says “Find Your Passion.” That’s what I’m trying to do by finally opening  Greenberry Street. The Angel of Learning represents both my faith, and the fact that I always have more to learn, and need to be receptive to those teachings. The little vase belonged to my grandmother, and the money plant in it came from my mom’s yard years ago. I believe the money plant came from her mother’s yard before that.

And finally, that very colorful apron hanging from the bookcase was made by my sister, from fabric that also belonged to our grandmother. (You have to understand that Granny Paxton would have been like 120 years old now, so anything from her life is pretty special in my opinion.)

Next to that apron you see a nice blank wall. I have plans for that too, that involve some nice cork squares and more artwork for the walls.

I feel pretty happy that not only did I successfully get everything to fit, but I was able to put a few pretty, fun, personal touches in it, too.  I think this will be a favorite room of mine. 🙂

How about you–do you have a favorite space??